Living Lab Design is a multidisciplinary interior design and architecture studio based in Brooklyn New York, begun by Rachel Massey as a place to explore, enhance and create built environments and other aspects of our experience. The celebration of subtlety, comfort, beauty and utility are always a foundation here.

Living Lab Design was born after over a decade of Rachel leading design teams at prestigious architecture and design studios on the West Coast and in New York City. Projects have been all over the globe and included everything from interiors to branding and identity packages, and  website development. The name Living Lab comes from a research concept in the sciences that uses exploration, experimentation and evaluation of innovative ideas as a basis for understanding this changing world.

In love with the sensory delights of the world from a very young age, Rachel took the experience of getting butterflies in her stomach about the smell of oil paint as a kid and translated that feeling into a career as a designer working to make our environments places in which we can thrive. With a rich background in Art History, Rachel’s second degree is a BFA in Interior Design from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. which, upon completion, ultimately sent her in pursuit of the sort of dream projects a place like New York City can offer.

Most recently, Living lab Design has been collaborating with other designers on high-end residences around New York City, working on large apartment and townhouse renovations in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and is in construction on space for a new luxury bakery in the West Village.

The studio is small, but rich in resources, with a huge network of local designers, architects, artisans, and fabricators in close contact regularly. Living Lab has a studio space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and is in pursuit of collaborations with clients who are looking to re-invent the every day, engaging all the senses, while embracing the fundamentals of design that ground us in our spaces and connect us to our environment.