[+] paper, the short story, cookbooks, salt, new york city, clean sheets, john steinbeck, underwater, charcoal grey, sleeping outside, the pharmacy, cedar forests, tomatoes, the cello, 17 foot ceilings, totes, woody herbs, photographs, when you see a person walking multiple dogs, breakfast,  block island, bikes, ramen, slide guitar, the whitney, oaks, coats, brunello cucinelli, monhegan island, windows taller than people, visne suyu, david lynch, ferries, cyprus, glass yogurt cups, smooth stones, the movies, clean and white, september, when the express train passes the local, richard serra, outdoor markets, chipotle, the smell of oil paint, john lautner, lilacs, the beach, rye whiskey, hudson valley, radiolab, honey, magazines, bagpipes, whales, boots, warm bread and salted butter, maps, cedar, raw steel, bandol, cafe au lait dahlias, summer.

[-] honking, vinyl siding, windows that don’t open, summer never coming, bitten nails, dead batteries, carpet, cold and wet, dehydration, sunburn, algebra, the ice cream truck tune, sunglasses on the train, halitosis, gyms, parking lots, air freshener, recycling truck beeping, staticy hair, dirty bathrooms, frontage roads, air conditioning, drop ceilings, wooden stir sticks and ice cream spoons, techno, lines, clubs, blisters, holding patterns, developments, procrastination, the bus, traffic, backpacks on the train, banana republic, strip malls, those walkie-talkie phones, stickers on the fruit.